Thursday, March 29, 2007

random pregame thoughts

-- you think the wings are trying to get into NAS head tonight by starting Ozzie? bottom line is that NAS has been using DET as there personal measuring stick all season.. DET has been looking at bigger fish.. NAS starts there #1 guy, DET stays with there back up..

-- match up I would most like to see for the wings in the first round? DAL.. yes they have one of the best GAA in the league, but the travel would be far less obtrusive than going to SJ CAL or VAN.. also line for line I would take the wings in that series every day..

-- there has been a ton of talk lately about banning fighting in the NHL.. Even old school guys like Shanny have been quoted as saying the injuries are getting out of control.. I see the problem as last year the powers that be basically weened the fighters out of the game.. now you have 4th line instigators fighting each other and there is a huge disparity in fighting talent.. as a result guys who have no business fighting are getting there asses kicked by the few heavy weights left in the league..