Saturday, April 28, 2007

Pound the ROCK!!

Draft day: -- With the number 2 overall pick in the 2007 NFL draft, YOUR Detroit Lions select WR from the Georgia Institute of Technology : Calvin 'CJ' Johnson.. Mr Johnson, you may now don your bubbles the lion cap.. As most of you have heard, this was not a pick the Lions could really screw up.. Simple: CJ goes first, pick J Russel.. JR goes first, pick Calvin Johnson.. If ATL offers you 3 picks in the top 50 for either player - you take it.. I'm excited to see what M Martz will do with Roy and CJ together.. Add the venerable Mike Furrey and opposing corners will be wetting there drawers on Sunday afternoon (hmmm, this sounds vaguely familiar).. In related news Mike Williams was shipped along with J McCown to the Raiders for the 105st overall pick.. Funny that the pick that fell to the Lions 2 years ago and was supposed to make them the 'Weapons of Mass Destruction' was traded for a 4th round pick.. And DET had to THROW in a worthless QB to seal the deal!!

I'm not sure how I feel about the Stanton pick (11th pick in the 2nd round).. I like Stanton and have heard nothing but good reviews from his draft workouts and interviews, but something just doesn't sit right.. Seems like the Stanford kid might be a better prospect.. The next pick was an absolute waste in my opinion.. Alma-Francis is a project DE when the Lions could have filled more pressing needs by taking a LB or corner back at this position..

Overall I was happy with what the Lions were able to do with there picks (trading to get more picks), but not as impressed with the players they picked.. The Brady Quinn debacle had me giddy at first that he fell so far and then happy for the lad that CLE traded up so he can play for his hometown team..

Game #2 vs SJS

post game: I have a few thoughts on the young Sharks team that I will wait to share until the series is over (for fear of jinxing the wings).. Lets just say I think this game speaks more of SJS than it does the Wings.. Dan fricking Cleary is an absolute stud.. The next Draper? Nope.. He is the next DC.. He would be the next Draper if Drapes could score.. DC sparked serious life into this series when it looked liked DET was hopping on a plane down 2-0.. SJS jumped down DET throats once again, leading 2-0 at the 4:17 mark of the 1st (first goal came just :36 in off a Kirk 'worthless' Maltby GV).. Down 2-1 and killing a Draper holding penalty to start the 3rd, DC jumped all over a SJS GV in there own zone and blistered a shot by Nabokov to tie the game.. This guy does it all - hits, skates and scores.. Easily my new favorite Wing..
This is where it hurts to be a fan.. Next 2 games are 10pm start times.. Suck it up DET.. Its playoff time..
Final: DET 3 - SJS 2
Next Game: Monday 10:00 VS

Thursday, April 26, 2007

Game 1 vs SJS

Post game thoughts: the most telling stat for this game? DET had 27 give aways compared to SJS 7 take aways.. DET out hit SJS, out shot them (although SJS played the trap after the 2-0 lead) and seemed to be able to skate with them.. The key to this game was mistakes.. Plain and simple: DET made them and SJS did not.. Does DET have to play a perfect series to win? No. But they have to play a better game than they did.. SJS took care of the puck, got out to an early lead (beautiful first PP goal and a lucky second goal) and then played lock down the rest of the way.. I expect a much better game on Saturday.. If its not then the Trashcan will make a very early appearance..

Damn, did OTT look good early tonight.. Typical Sens they tried to give it away.. Fellas need to button it up to make my predictions come true (DET vs OTT in the finals)..

Final: SJS 2 - DET 0

Next Game: Saturday 3:00 NBC

Monday, April 23, 2007

Game 6 vs CAL

Game Recap: MULE kicks Kipper to the curb!!

An absolute dominant performance by the Wings that was almost matched by Kipper.. Another 50+ save performance came so close to forcing a game 7.. This Wings team has proven it is a much better playoff team than last year.. I will say without hesitation that last years team would have been beaten by this CAL club..

Its late, I'm tired.. I will write more tomorrow.. GO STARS!!

Final: DET 2 - CAL 1 2OT

Next Game: TBA

Saturday, April 21, 2007

Game 5 vs CAL

Game Recap: ditched the jersey, shaved and watched the game on NBC instead of CBC.. The result? A 5- 1 white washing at the Joe.. Couple quick notes: DC has become one of my new favorite players.. what an amazing penalty shot goal to get things started.. The kid hits, skates and scores timely goals.. and he is just plain tough.

I love chippy hockey games, but what transpired at the end of that game just went too far.. there is a difference between chippy play and cheap shots.. What CAL was doing was cheap shotting.. Its disappointing because CAL is supposed to be a classy hard working team.. Well fellas, your getting outworked AND outclassed now.. McLennan will get a suspension for his slash on Franzen, but my boy Iginla had better be unavailable for tomorrow nights game for the butt end he put on Schnieder.. inexcusable.. The Lebda/Langkow situation is a bit of a sticky wicket.. I believe Lebda hurt his leg when he hit the boards and DID NOT get another concussion from the punch.. It would make sense to claim a concussion when it could get Langkow suspended..
DAL just beat VAN 2-0 to force the first game 7 of this here 2007 playoffs.. GO TURCO!!
Final DET 5 - CAL 1
Next game: Sunday at 9:00 CBC, VS, FSN

Thursday, April 19, 2007

Game 4 vs CAL

Pregame: this is where the fans get there moneys worth.. This is when we get to second guess everything a coach does.. Should MB have played Bert on Tuesday night? Should he play him tonight? Obviously it was a mistake to break up Huds, Phil and Franzen to begin with (MB admitted as much today).. Early returns on the Trashcan poll reveal that a majority of you think Samuelson should be benched in favor of Huds (word is that Huds is playing tonight so someone will be sitting).. Bottom line is that it is a nice problem to have a youngster who is ready to jump in for an under performing veteran like Lang..
Keys -- hell, its time to just play hockey.. the damn key to the game is to get off to a good start, hit anything that moves and take away any thoughts the Flamers might have of making this a series.. GAME ON!!


1st Period - a very even period.. Huds did not get the call (big mistake in my opinion).. The move of Bertuzzi to the Lang line paid off right away as both Bertuzzi and Franzen lit the lamp.. 2nd CAL goal was a bad regular season goal - Lebda let Conroy shoot and Flop Boy couldn't handle the slight screen.. Calder was demoted to only 1:56 of ice time.. He needs to get going soon..

2nd Period - couple things I need to vent about: The officiating is getting ridiculous.. That Datsyuk hooking call almost made me go Cady on the remote.. Robert Lang needs to get his head out of his ass and learn to play hockey again.. The DET power play had better figure this out before there on the golf course next week..
The Iginla line is totally outplaying Z's line so somebody else is going to have to step up (Calder? Phil? maybe MB should play both of them a little more to give the big guys a break -- Calder 5:38 and Phil 4:26 through 2).. DAMN IT DET.. LETS GET THIS TOGETHER !!

3rd Period - it doesn't fucking matter..

post game -- what an absolute HORSE SHIT performance.. Nice you fucking decide to wake up the last 7 minutes of the game when Kipper has you beat.. Where the fuck is the defense? the first 2 games of this series the Wings suffocated the Flames.. now they are giving up odd man rushes by the bunches.. And what the hell happened to the offense? This is not the Devils where talking about here.. this is the CAL fucking Flames.. No matter what happens I want Mike Babcock out of here..How can you screw this series up this bad? you are up 2-0 against a team that was FUCKING BURIED!! ALL YOU HAVE TO DO IS WIN 1 GAME ON THE ROAD AND THE SERIES IS OVER!! IS THAT SO FUCKING DIFFICULT!!?? Why would you bring in a rusty Bertuzzi to mess up a 4th line that has been on fire? Yes, he was the only one that had a good game tonight, but you had all of the momentum and you just threw it all away.. And do NOT tell me that this is all doom and gloom and that the Wings can win Saturday and everything will be all right.. BULL SHIT!!! The wings are stuck in the same damn rut that killed them in 2004 and 2006.. This series is all but over.. ANOTHER FUCKING early EXIT!!.. the TRASHCAN can no longer stand it has been kicked so much..

Final CAL 3 - DET 2

Next game: Saturday at 3:00 CBC, NBC

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Game 3 vs CAL

Pregame: Mood of the day -- nervous/cautiously optimistic.. The boys who don the winged wheel are on the edge. A whisper thin line between series sweep and utter collapse.. The 2-0 series lead is about as safe as the 2 goal game lead.. DET wins tonight and you can talk about a short series.. Lose and its 'here we go again'.. Two games of absolute domination have been tempered by an outstanding performance by Kipper and horrible play by the rest of the Flames.. If CAL continues to take penalties and refuses to put shots on Hasek DET should have a commanding lead by this time tomorrow.. I am left wondering how DET would do if they fell behind tonight early or played most of the game tied? I am going with the sweater and 2 days facial hair again.. Why fix what is not broken?

Postgame: mood -- tired and impressed.. I really hate these west coast series.. This was an incredibly played playoff game on both ends.. I have been waiting for YEARS to see a DET hockey team play like that.. The pace was incredible.. The hitting was thunderous.. Yeah the wrong team was on the winning end, but they deserved it.. The only thing I am upset about is that I was robbed of an OT by Flop Boy misplaying Iginlas goal.. Don't get me wrong, Big Jarome deserved to have the game winner.. He really showed some sac by coming out playing dominating style that we are used to seeing.. But COME ON!! Flop Boy was cheating that shot so bad I could have thrown a curling stone by him on the far post..
I think Phaneuf is still seeing stars after that hit Cleary put on him (could have easily been called a penalty though).. And then to get up and set up Drapers goal.. Cleary and Drapes were absolute studs tonight..
Who the hell was giving out stars tonight that they gave Lombardi the 1st star and Iginla the 3rd (after scoring the game winner)? Game winner ALWAYS gets the first star, Mike Rogers of The Fan 960 (radio guys are idiots).
You think there might have been some home cooking on the ice tonight, or is that just par for the course when Bill McCreary is officiating a Wings game? 5 penalties in a row? Love the Calder phantom GT interference.. Oh wait, I think Markov was just called again.. Trashcan!!
Final CAL 3 - DET 2
Next game: Thursday at 9:30 on CBC, VS, FSN

Monday, April 16, 2007

Sunday, April 15, 2007

Game 2 vs. CAL

pregame: **bloggers note** -- I will be spending the afternoon in O-HI-O.. I will post game comments after I get home tonight..

Today's key -- DO NOT LET CAL BREATH.. The wings kept CAL on their toes the entire game by hitting them before they got hit.. great concept fellas.. Playoff game = hitting.. Where the hell was this philosophy the last FIVE YEARS??!!! What to watch for -- Lidstrom vs Iginla.. Game 1 Nick locked Jarome up and did not let him get a shot on net.. Can he do it again?

Key personnel moves -- Bertuzzi is not expected to play as is McCarty (if I were CAL I would take that trade off any day of the week)..

Post game: The jersey and facial hair combo worked its magic for the second straight game.. Now I will join Coach Babcock with a tough game day decision: do I change things up when its worked so well? My decision: keep the facial hair/jersey combo or add another element (new wings hat?).. Babcocks dilemma: keep the 4th line of Phil (yes it should be spelled that way, not Fil), Huds and Franzen together or insert Bertuzzi into the line up and sitting Huds.. My thoughts for both? Don't change a thing.. the Wings hat can wait until a losing streak ensues and Bertuzzi can ride the pine until the 2nd round.. The Wings are beating CAL at there own game.. Why add another physical element when the current line up is working?
Stats of the game - through 2 games the Wings have held power forward extraordinaire (and one of my favorite players) Jarome Iginla to 2 stinkin shots.. 1st period of game 2 the wings launched 23 shots at Kipper.. 23!! that's most teams totals for an entire game!!
random thoughts: my favorite series so far -- OTT vs PIT.. great match up all around and a fun series to watch.. favorite series that has not been televised -- NAS vs SJS.. what the hell is this? the first game in the DET market is game 3? this is a bunch of CRAP that we can not watch the nastiest series of this here playoffs.. nice move NHL..
Final DET 3 - CAL 1
Next Game: Tuesday at 10:00 on CBC, VS

Thursday, April 12, 2007

Game 1 vs. CAL

Pregame: mood of the day -- PISSED OFF.. Pissed off that every national publication is picking the 'upstart Flames' to win in 6. Pissed off that Inside Hockey (who are these idiots anyway?) picked CAL fwd's over DET's. Pissed off that these same ingrates said CAL's D corp is DEEPER that DET's.. Pissed off that people are picking Kipper to out play Hasek.. They say he is older and not as good.. Did anyone not notice that when he plays, Flop boy has the best GAA over the last 3 years? Never mind that Kippers GAA has risen the last 3 years.. Some of the more well informed worry about Hasek after playing a FULL season.. Anyone notice he only played back-to-back days once? yes, CAL is a better team offensively, but they are a much worse team defensively than last year.. I hear the name Kiprusoff all I can think is 'light him up boys!!'


1st Period: thats how you start a playoff series.. Goals by Phil and Lidstrom give the Wings a 2-0 lead.. stat of the period -- Iginla held to 0 SOG

2nd Period: goals by Datysuk (about F'in time son) and Schneider. stats of the period/game -- Wings out shoot CAL 21 - 5/ Iginla still without a SOG

3rd Period: started to get a bit chippy.. Phaneuf and Iginla tried roughing up Z and found themselves 2 men down as Z just skated away.. This is where DET needs to make a team pay for getting physical.. even in a 4-0 game you have to put them down 6-0.. stat of the game -- you guessed it, Iginla held without a shot on goal..

Post game: great game fellas.. now how do they keep it up? well, I went with the playoff beard so sorry Kell, I wont be shaving on Sunday.. I also broke out the jersey for the day and did not work on the nursery at all.. I skated last night, although I wont be able to replicate that this weekend.. Question: do I hold on to the same socks and underwear for Sunday or is that going to far?

Final DET 4 - CAL 1
Next game: Sunday at 1pm on CBC, NBC