Saturday, July 21, 2007

7 weeks old

have you ever REALLY looked at your hand?

bath time and the duck towel

no Dada.. I'm not tired

Randomness of sport (summer edition)

I watched the LA Galaxy - Chelsea 'friendly' tonight (mostly between innings of the Tigers game).. Or should I call it the David Beckham ESPN media circus/kiss ass night? It made my heart happy to hear a 'Beckham sucks' chant as the game ended.. My only hope is that with soccer's new found momentum in the states (yes, more people are starting to pay attention) one of my favorite sports will not be dumbed down for the American audience.. I am very content to follow sports that enjoy a grass roots kind of novelty in this country (soccer and to a lesser extent hockey)..

Speaking of the Tigers, Inges dramatic 10th inning walkoff not only saved 'rollercoasters' ass but also landed the 3rd sacker in the number 1 slot on SC's plays of the night. Jones probably could have ended the game in the 9th if he got off his fat ass and actually tried to field a ball.. 3 straight dribblers went right through the mound and all 3 times he waived as they went by..
The Tigers negro league jerseys rank right up there with the Lions throwback IMO.. They are now in my top 5..

2007 Milford Sidewalk Sales

Last weekend was Milford's annual sidewalk sales.. The only thing that mattered in Davids mind is that it was a city of inflatable play toys.. His favorites were the obstacle course and the giant slide.. ** see below for the album in its entirety..

Milford Sidewalk Sales 2007

Thursday, July 12, 2007

Rolling Thunder

We got David an old school 'Big Wheel' for Easter a couple years ago.. This spring he was finally big enough to ride.. and ride he does..

This first pic is from the Milford 4th of July parade that we were asked to march in for Davids preschool that he will start in the fall (warning: cell phone pic)


So this is Davids newest favorite activity. Pirating now ranks up there with fire fighting, police work, building and cooking..

the day of my sisters bridal shower David and I went shopping to get him some 'real' pirate gear.. here he shows off his 'Captain Jack' bandanna, rings, sword, belt and treasure map with his auntie Kate..

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Allstar Tuesday

TDF trivia

There are 6 teams in the Tour this year that are riding 4 American made bikes. Name the 4 bikes. Bonus: name the 6 teams.