Thursday, May 04, 2006

Monday, May 01, 2006

Wings 3 EDM 4 -- see ya Stevie

THEY CAN ALL ROT IN TORONTO FOR ALL I CARE.. SON OF A BITCH!!! I put David down with a 2-0 lead and I come out just in time to see a horse shit goal to make it 3-3.. WHERE THE HELL IS THE HEART? players I dont ever want to see wear the winged wheel again: J Williams, M Samuelson (theres a reason no one wanted him this year), D Cleary,B Lebda (more proof that nothing good can come from Notre Dame), M Legace (I dont even want him as a back up in case J Howard gets hit by the zamboni in pregame warmups) and Pavel F'in Datsyuk.. GO AWAY.. I am so furious right now that I am going to have to watch CAL beat up on ANA just to calm me down (and I could really use the sleep tonight)..

Just do the right thing and cut them all Kenny.. CUT ALL OF THEM AND START OVER.. I WOULD MUCH RATHER GO BACK TO THE DEAD WINGS THAN THIS SHIT!!!! You know what would be better? FIRE HOLLAND!!! yeah, thats right Mr I.. Fire Holland and put Stevie in charge right now.. Kenny flippin Holland, you ruined Yzermans farewell tour and you should LOSE YOUR JOB FOR IT!!!