Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Spring Fever

wings fans are idiots
Mattcc96: why
me: ohhh, the wings are too old, the wings are too soft.. there goal tending sucks.. yeah, if you watched more than 2 games in the last 2 seasons you would know that after 2 players they are one of the youngest teams in the league.. you would know that they have been playing playoff style hockey since M Babcock was hired.. and you would know that Wings goal tending has been the best in the league the past two seasons,
there. now I dont have to call a sports talk station
Mattcc96: thanks, I turn off the radio when hockey talk is on
i feel the same way about the Tigers. Everyone is a baseball expert now
me: yeah.. cause you know that the tigers sucks cause its cold out.. or they cant hit cause Granderson isnt in the line up.. or the bullpen sucks cause a beer bonging, guitar hero playing, flash in the pan, flamer thrower is on the DL.. Or that the second coming of Dan Quisenbury is on the DL..
Mattcc96: ha, exactly
me: My take: remember when everyone thought the 2006 tigers were a fluke? pitching wise they were.. they were lucky to not lose anyone to injury and they were lucky when the pitching went in the tank the second half to pull out a playoff spot.. until the pitching is address this is a good team.. a team that will contend for a playoff spot for a couple years.. I think there shot at a WS was in 06 and now its gone..
Mattcc96: yeah pretty much
it was amazing no one got hurt in 06
me: yeah.. ok.. since I have been lazy I am going to use this as a blog entry.. I havent posted anything since November

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